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The Prime Minister broke his week-long silence this morning to explain why and how the country is back in lockdown after just a handful of cases.

“We need to protect the people who vote for me,” said Scott Morrison this morning outside The Lodge in Canberra.

“And the only way we can do that without jabs is by causing billions of dollars worth of damage to the economy. It’s unfortunate but it’s necessary,”

“I need these people to stay alive long enough to vote for me at the next election because people over 60 are honestly the only age group left that thinks I’m doing a good job. I think I’ve lost most of the young vote – save for the Daddy’s Boys with the big private school foreheads who shave their carrot to me because they yearn for acceptance from their fathers. They will never not vote for me. Anyway, I’m sorry Australia but I need these people to stick around,”

“Even if they’re the butcher’s bin of society. I’m just doing what I have to do to win the next election,”

“Nothing more, nothing less.”

More to come.


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