As Greater Sydney attempts to catch it’s breath from the dangerous civil unrest that took place on the streets of the CBD over the weekend, Scotty From Marketing is relishing in a news cycle that detracts from his failings as a Prime Minister.

With the NSW Police now putting together a special taskforce to identify the deranged protestors that attacked their officers over the weekend, the Prime Minister has refused to confront the very urgent socio-economic issues that are fanning the flames.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians are currently slipping through the cracks of the complicated state and federal government ‘disaster payments’ who only seem to benefit a far more comfortable work force of non-casual employees.

For example, Sydney’s cab drivers are unable to receive any financial support because they cannot prove a ‘loss of shifts’ – as they drive around an empty city looking for pensioners willing to pay them $8 to drive them four blocks to the local major supermarket.

While media commentators are doing their best to not acknowledge that poor governance results in civil unrest, and would rather blame the disintegration of civil duties on the cultural cringe embodied by people who look like they consume too much soft drink – the political elite are relishing in the feral behaviour witnessed in the Sydney CBD over the weekend.

“Let me deal with what we saw in Sydney yesterday. Of course it was selfish. It was also self-defeating. It achieves no purpose” said Scotty From Marketing yesterday, as he encouraged the media to join him in blaming the individuals for this Lord Of The Flies scenario that he has allowed to unfold.

On top of refusing to condemn his own backbencher MPs that attended these ‘freedom’ rallies, The Prime Minister has remained firm on not addressing the major frustrations of working people that saw this fringe community of nutjobs explode into thousands of angry protestors.

Morrison will not be offering any consistent government support for any Australians that are experiencing extreme economic insecurity due to the lockdowns that have been triggered by the transmissions that have leaked from private sector quarantine facilities and spread amongst frontline workers that haven’t received their jabs.

When asked about the possibility of re-instating the JobKeeper payments that managed to keep this same angry mob indoors for all of last year, Scotty said of course not.

“Why would I want people to stay indoors” he laughed.

“My polling numbers thrive when stupid bogans are punching on with cops”

“Especially now that I can say this whole lockdown is their fault”


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