Charlie Pickering has today revealed that patronising people that aren’t from inner-city Melbourne is much easier to do while overlaughing at your own jokes about the way they speak and dress.

The 39-year-old private school product turned shining beacon of left-wing elitism says repackaging Karl Stefanovic segments into condescending 5 minute series dog shots about rural Australians is something that ABC has been needing for a while, and he’s glad they carved off so much of their budget for it.

“Regional people are such dummies! It’s just such good TV” he says.

“Sure. It’s a similar type of show to Adam Hills, Micalef and my bogan-equivalent Rove… But I just don’t think they spend enough time laughing at these morons”

Spurred by the rise of One Nation in areas that Charlie Pickering enjoys taking cheap shots at, The Betoota Advocate last week posted a poll “One A Scale Of 1 – ABC Comedy, How Detached Are You From Australia’s Working Class” –

The results of the poll varied, but did reveal that very few Australians actually think jokes about babycinos are relatable.

The ABC has today defended Charlie Pickering’s format of punching down on working class Australians – with one executive saying that they have confidence in the $2 million dollar budget that they have designated towards the direct copy of John Stewart’s The Daily Show.

“It’s what the ABC have been looking for, after our not so smooth transition from pretending to be the BBC” says ABC spokesperson Ellie Tizum.

“In fact, we wanted him to go over to America during the Trump campaign and spend 10 hours outside a rally trying to interview people with obvious mental health problems to repackage into a four minute skit about how dumb rural Americans are”

“Unfortunately we got beaten to that skit by every other white person behind a panel desk in the world”


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