The fact that it is about to rain quite heavily is a good enough reason to go to the pub, it has been confirmed.

Local man, Rowan Dixon (27) should probably be getting home and making sure all of his windows are closed, but has somehow convinced himself that this is a good time to have a beer.

“It’s going to piss down in a second,” he said.

“Yeah. I better stay inside. I might just head to the pub until it all clears up a bit”

With his mates all convincing themselves the same thing and arriving at the same venue, it seems that water falling from the sky is as good as any excuse to put their adult lives on hold and order a few jugs.

“I just looked it up on BOM,” says close mate, Graham via text.

“It’s gonna be a big one, aye. How are you getting home? I might just have a few at the Royal until it clears up”

“It’s probably not a good time to be on the roads. Or at least walking home”


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