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A Betoota Heights pensioner has told The Advocate this afternoon that he’s constantly concerned by the media’s portrayal of Baby Boomers, saying that not all Boomers are rich.

Rodney Taylor, of Rockview Street, has been on the single aged-pension since he retired in 2011. The 70-year-old receives just over $24 000 a year from the Commonwealth and has learned to make that work.

Our reporter joined Rodney on one of his daily walks, which he does to entertain himself and to keep active.

“With the way things are going, I’m expecting all the people in my generation to be put in a gulag or something – or at least have their wealth taken away from them,” he said.

“And instead of the media focusing their attention to the legislators and lawmakers who created the systems that made accruing such wealth possible, they just make it out to be that the greatest enemy of the young people today are their parents,”

“Young people are smart and they’ll cotton onto it soon enough. Who knows what might happen? Maybe they’ll be a coupe and an army of young people will storm parliament and burn it to the ground? It’s happened before overseas. When it happens, I just hope the poor Boomers won’t be lumped in with the rich ones.”

When asked what he’ll do when this revolution comes, Rodney said he has a length of poly buried in his front yard filled with automatic firearms and explosives.

He said if the Millennials want to come and get him, they’ll be an L1A1 and The Very Best Of The Eagles pointed at the door.

More to come.


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