Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has today had to issued a safety warning to all residents attempting to jump on the Brisbane Lions bandwagon currently hurtling through the Smart State at full tilt.

This comes after reports of number of disenfranchised Rugby Union and Rugby League fans ruining their moleskin trousers and UNIT boardies attempting to get in on the action.

The Queensland Reds only just lost the 2020 Australian Super Rugby conference last weekend, while the Brisbane Broncos earned themselves their first ever wooden spoon in the history of the club.

The Brisbane Lions currently sit at second place on the AFL ladder and could very likely be playing in a Brisbane Grand Final at the Gabba.

Over the last few weeks, tens of thousands of dormant Queensland-based AFL fans have re-emerged from the long grass they descended into after the early 2000s three-peat.

However, as is the case with all rushed gatherings of record-breaking crowds, the newfound supporter base has resulted in some light sprains and torn hammies.

“I tried to jump on the band wagon as it was gunning Vulture street on the weekend” says one local Queenslander, Campbell Beattie (31, Hutchinson Builders).

“It was pretty bloody crowded, and moving very fast. I got thrown back into the German Club and tore the arse out of me moleskins”

However, with a couple more laps of the city needed until the big dance, it is expected that the band wagon will be able to eventually pick up anyone who’s willing to wear a scarf.

Players from the Victorian franchises have revealed how refreshing it is to play in front of a full stadium of fans that don’t boo Aboriginal footballers for showing any form of emotion or personality.


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