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The entire newsroom at are today wrapping up a big December, by drinking left over cases of alcohol that were given to them by the struggling brands that are interested in winning over their accessible but unengaged audience.

“Our audience is 16 to 35, affluent, influential and hungry for new information and experiences. We have over 200,000 combined subscribers across our Daily EDM, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. ” said the online youth publication’s CEO Wyatt Privolic, while addressing his newsroom at staff drinks yesterday.

“It’s been a big year disrupting and targeting that audience, I want to congratulate my editing team, Barbara, Brandon and Kyle. As well as our 46 unpaid interns”

“Obviously the news cycle has been kind to us as well. Grab her by the pussy. The face when. Feels”

In February this year it was revealed that a reporter for the “House Of Pop Cult” news and media organisation, was fired during a group WIP meeting on the grounds that her idea of news was not inline with the company’s advertising portfolio.

Kate Winters, an aspiring news journalist who dreams of one day working for the ABC, says she was asked to leave after editors read through her recent attempt to report on the atrocities currently taking place in the Central African Republic.

“I was told the only way they would have run the story was if I can find a funny pun to put in the headline,” says the now unemployed communications graduate.

“My boss proposed ‘Right Black At Ya!’ – But I thought that it was a bit insensitive considering the entire story was surrounding ethnic violence in one of the poorest nations in Africa,”

“After I said that, they told me to fuck off and get a job at The Guardian if I want to save the world”

“I was put on probation and ordered to write seven ‘listicles’ a week, they had to be about either the Kardashians, the Jenners, puppies trying to walk down stairs or some sort of lazy feminist piece that involves Emma Watson”.

While Ms Winters said she was not interested in appealing her termination of employment, she says she is worried she may not be able to find work as an actual investigative journalist in Australia.




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