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The nation is sweating this week as the Federal Government’s plan to reduce the JobSeeker and Keeper payments comes into effect.

On Friday, the JobSeeker rate will drop from $550 a week to $250 a week, and JobKeeper will be reduced to $600 a week from next Monday.

Oddly, company profits for the June quarter jumped almost 15 per cent, during a time in which most of the country’s workforce was either at home on the couch or getting arrested in Melbourne.

Which is part of the reason why Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and his good friend Scott, have decided to ‘woo back’ on the free money, they say.

“We’ve seen company profits buck the trend here, there’s clearly money in the economy,” said Mr Morrison to this masthead today.

“But we’ve seen that money not yet find it’s way into the hands of everyday Australians – Australians who are struggling to stay afloat in this trying time. Australians,”

“So to counter that, we’ve given tax breaks to Australians but like most tax breaks from this government, they were designed to be pretty much pointless until you earn more than $125 000. Which means, of course, when these Australian business owners and excutives get tax breaks, they spend that money employing the more simple Australians to do tasks they don’t want to do,”

“Like look after their children or mow their Australian lawns. Some rich people have house cleaners and some even have an affable young bloke who comes around to make sure the pool hasn’t turned green! With the HomeBuilder thing, we’ve managed to get 44 houses renovated around the country, which has pumped thousands into the national economy,”

“Look, the Federal Government isn’t the Salvation Army. The gravy train was always going to stop. And now that we’ve broken the back of this virus, it’s time for all Australians to get back to work. Except for John Barilaro, he can have some more couch time if he needs.”

More to come.


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