There’s some good news for online bookmakers and specialist horticulturists in the Sydney area today, with Gladys Berejiklian announcing a shutdown on construction sites across Sydney.

The Premier of the city in crisis today called tools down this morning, after continuing to fail to get on top of the outbreak in the Sydney region.

The crippling measure is set to last until July 30.

Berejiklian also banned people in the Fairfield, Liverpool, and Canterbury Bankstown areas from leaving their houses for work unless they are health or emergency workers, a couple of weeks after refusing to crack down hard on the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

While the construction industry shutdown is set to have a devastating effect on huge swathes of the economy, it’s reportedly set to be a big boost for a couple of niche sectors.

With cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, and retailers to be hit hard by huge numbers of cashed-up blokes being kept at home, it’s believed, predatory multinational online bookmakers and cannabis distributors are set to cash in.

“We will be rolling out the specials to reel em in over the first couple of days of next week, and then it’s printing money time for the next few weeks,” explained a spokesperson from one of the companies based in the Northern Territory to skirt regulations and minimise tax.

“Feeling thankful our woefully inadequate government couldn’t organise a jab roll out in a pandemic”

It’s believed the other lower-income people affected by the shutdown because of our lack of spicy cough jabs will be spending their time frantically trying to get the paperwork together for meagre disaster payments and finding ways to make ends meet.

More to come.


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