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Though she hadn’t admitted it to many people, local woman Cara McBain has been thinking about quitting nursing and going off in a completely new career direction – after she’s had a few weeks off to recuperate both physically and mentally, that is.

This comes after being stretched to her absolute limit and treated like a robot instead of a human, working 14 hour shifts without a single break and left to snack on what little bits of food she could eat on the go. In addition to pushing her muscles to breaking point and running her feet into the ground, Cara has also been scarred from working in the peak of the pandemic, having been the emotional support for dying patients who couldn’t see their family.

Now exhausted, broken and uncharacteristically jaded, Cara finds herself waking up in tears as she forces herself to work, having had her spirit crushed months ago and leaving her a shell of her former self.

However, just as she was about to call her mum to see if it would be possible to stay and recuperate for a while, Cara was sent a burst of inspiration from an unexpected source, which moved her so greatly, she found herself smiling for the first time in three weeks.

She speaks to The Advocate about her new lease on life, and explains why she’s not going to throw the towel in just yet.

“My friend sent me this video and it really changed my perspective”, says Cara, “and I’m not usually a Kim Kardashian fan.”

“Basically she said to get your fucking ass up and work.”

“And you know what? She’s right.”

“No wonder she’s reached the level of success she has. Like yeah, I know she was born into a privileged rich family and awarded opportunities we can only dream of, but she really puts in the work.”

“I certainly couldn’t walk around in those tight, spandex outfits. It looks exhausting!”

More to come.


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