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A French Quarter hypocrite is today putting the finishing touches on a series of draft posts aimed at drawing attention to the animal cruelty associated with horse racing industry ahead of the Melbourne Cup.

The racing industry’s day of days, the Melbourne Cup has fast become a lighting rod for those in society who think horses should just be left to eat hay all day and tramp all over the Kosciuszko National Park causing irreparable damage to the fragile ecosystem.

One of those bits of lighting that finds the pole, Corella Bung, has told The Advocate that she’s not celebrating the darkest day for equine welfare in this country.

While the 28-year-old account executive made a number of valid points, she also wanted to make it clear that she’s a vegan and proud of it.

“I’m what they call a platinum vegan,” she said.

“I wasn’t breastfed. Breastmilk counts as an animal product. Humans are animals. I haven’t consumed any animal product ever. I don’t even own a pet. I do my bit.”

In detailing her life, Ms Bung said she had recently inherited a BoConcept couch from her parents, who are in the process of downsizing from their vast Arts & Craft style mansion in Betoota Grove to a violently renovated French Quarter terrace.

“It’s not real leather,” she said.

“It’s vegan leather. It’s made from plants or some other synthetic product. Like, I think it might have fossil fuels in it but I’d rather that than any animal products.”

Ms Bung is seemingly unaware or wilfully ignorant that vegan leather actually comes from vegans themselves.

According to a recent study conducted by Meat & Livestock Australia, vegans are skinned when they die under organ donation protocols and the skin is used to created vegan leather products like couches, wallets, car seats and pants.

“It’s almost a guarantee that Ms Bung has the skins of at least ten people in her living room,” said the MLA’s Warriner Kidman-Gibson.

“It’s a common misconception. Vegan leather is human leather. People need to educate themselves.”

More to come.


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