The world of fashion is all set to experience another exciting trend, it can be confirmed today.

Celebrity icon Kim Kardashian has today revealed a stunning new male underwear line, that has set tongues wagging around the globe.

Famous for being famous, Kardashian is releasing a line of male undies that come with an inbuilt ‘stiffy feature.’

The groundbreaking new design reportedly will have you walking around like a hormone scrambled teenager, giving you the o-so-desired permanent erection look.

“Men shouldn’t be ashamed of a boner,” said Kardashian in an exclusive interview with The Advocate today.

“It shouldn’t be tucked into the elastic of your pants, or pushed down the side of your leg.”

“Men should be able to walk around loud and proud of blood pumping to their dicks.”

The new design follows the release of her ‘perky’ bra range.

That range has caused plenty of controversy online, with many confused as to why you would want to walk around like you are quite cold or at a significant arousal level.

Regardless of the confusion and hate online, the new range will inevitable fly out of warehouses, and will soon be followed by the ‘stiffy jocks.’

More to come.


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