Employees at Netflix Australia are currently picking up their desks and collecting various items that have been scattered across their office.

The massive clean up comes after the NSW Police Force ransacked Netflix’s office this afternoon, in a desperate bid to intimidate anyone involved with the Western Sydney music group ONEFOUR.

Wildly popular, ONEFOUR have risen to national and international fame as a result of their gritty hard hitting style – a style that has drawn the persistent attention of the authorities.

The latest raid, now on the streaming platform’s office, follows the release of a documentary about the group, which came out last night.

It follows a years long campaign to harass the group, anyone associated with the group, and any venues who try and allow them to play music.

“We are tough on crime, and we make no apology for that,” said a spokesperson for the NSW Police Force, who are seemingly spending a huge amount of time focusing on some individuals from Western Sydney who have very clearly tried to explain that they want to use music to give them a livelihood.

“Some of the things they rap about are terrible,” said the spokesperson, whose officers are yet to raid any of the makers of extremely violent video games or movie production houses.

“And our friends at the Murdoch media love how easy it is to write stories about ONEFOUR,” he laughed.

“Anyway, hopefully Netflix will learn their lesson, and take down the documentary which holds a tough mirror back up to viewers about our society.”

More to come.


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