A woman that has been married for over a year has today posted her 6th album of professional wedding photos onto social media.

While still attempting to flog the ‘hashtag’ used for her wedding last March, Kiara Bowler (nee. Hatton) has peppered the newsfeeds of Facebook and Instagram with pictures of her posing with her husband shortly after their vows – as well as a series of the bridesmaids sitting cross-legged in matching shower robes.

Captioned as “Still can’t believe this happened #TheBowlers” – this particular album looks very similar to the last five – although her close friends are responding as though they didn’t even realise she had gotten married.

“WOW. You looked beautiful” comments one of her friends.

“Babe” writes another.

With no solid plans for starting a family as of yet, it is believed Kiara will have to continue flogging the not-yet-seen photographs of last year’s ceremony until she has an early stage ultrasound to share with the world.


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