Local youth Taylor McGregor (25) penned a venomous Facebook status today stating ‘this government is bloody hopeless’ while he made his way home on foot, as his learner’s license to expired over a year ago.

With aspirations to one day get his provisional license and make a run at a diploma, McGregor states the inflated wait times and poor service he has experienced at any government agencies are concrete proof this government needs to “get there head out of there arse [sic]” and “pick up there game [sic].”

“How am I even meant to have time to apply for a job when I’m on the phone with them ten hours a fricking week just trying to get paid? Riddle me that Scott Morrisey!” mused McGregor.

According to McGregor, the government’s shortcomings are bi-partisan and politicians spend too little time taking into account people like him who have spent 1000s of hours killing teenagers on Call of Duty but have logged 12 hours learning to drive an automatic car.

“Haha, I fudged a couple of those too mind you!”

McGregor claims to have gotten his learner’s license on his 16th birthday but hasn’t been able to log many hours due to his commitments to trolling feminists online and the fact he has been perpetually hungover for the past half a decade.

“I can drive OK? I just don’t have my license, 100 hours is just too long. If these pollies spent 100 hours trying to sort their shit out maybe Centrelink wouldn’t be so hard on the average battler.”

Although McGregor feels he has received rough treatment from the government he is committed to ‘sticking it’ to them and finally completing the mammoth task of getting his license just like every other person he knows has managed to do.

“I’m gonna get my license, I’ve got decent Lancer in my parent’s garage you know? It just needs new lights and wheels””


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