At age 27, you’d think local woman Sarah Gardiner would have worked out that slam shooting ten vodka lime sodas in the span of two hours was not a wise idea.

But considering she’d vastly increased her piss fitness over the years, Sarah had fallen into the trap of believing she was immune to drunkenness – especially if she kept to vodka and stayed clear of deadly white wine.

This assumption has served her kindly in the past, but as usual, the slippery slope to being shitfaced is paved with a lot of variations.

Namely, it probably didn’t help that all she’d had to eat that day was a handful of cheese.

What was supposed to be a quiet night out with the girls has now unfortunately devolved into the mum of the group being the responsible one and corralling them all into a cab – much to the disdain of the very nervous cab driver, who keeps looking over his shoulder at the back seat antics.

However, as the girls chatted animatedly amongst themselves, Sarah was notably absent from the conversation and appeared to be concentrating all of her energy into not throwing up.

“Sarah, you okay?”

“You need some water?”

Delivering an almost indiscernible nod as talking would open the floodgates, Sarah smiles weakly at the cab driver as he preemptively lowers the rear windows.

More to come.


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