A family gathering has this weekend been thrown into a tailspin, as two cousins decided to throw an impromptu dance recital.

It’s alleged the Davis family had gotten together for their biannual catch up, which saw family members from all areas of Queensland arriving for a BBQ. 

Though the event was designed so the family could keep tabs on one another under the guise of ‘bonding’, what was supposed to be an afternoon spent drinking wine and talking smack about members who didn’t turn up has been completely derailed by cousins Anita and Jamie.

It’s alleged the two eleven olds had disappeared into Anita’s room for a good forty-five mins, as the adults chatted amongst themselves and the older children tried to get in on the family gossip.

And though the faint beats of WAP could have been heard if Aunt Lana hadn’t been cackling so much, it was all too easy for the dance practice to go unnoticed – especially with the help of nan’s toxic rum balls.

When Anita had shyly tugged on her mum’s sleeve to request a moment’s silence, the tipsy adults were all too happy to comply as they shared humorous looks with one another and settled in what they thought would be an adorable dance routine.

Unbeknownst to them, one of the girls had clearly downloaded Tik Tok and was about to deliver one hell of a performance – a performance that will very likely be spoken about at the girls 21st.

It’s alleged the explicit dance routine had gone on for roughly 40 seconds before one of the mums switched off the UE boom by forcibly smacking the off button.

More to come.


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