A local man has just confirmed to The Betoota Advocate that, currently, it is an absolute day for it. 

On a weekend away down at a Lake Betoota Cabin, James Anderson reckons the large body of water that serves as a popular tourist hotspot, is ‘turning it on.’ 

The big fella made the comments in between games of backyard cricket, as he floated around on some inflatable pool tool toy. 

“Not bad at all aye,” he sighed to us in between sips of his Bundy ginger beer. 

“It’s only been a couple of weeks back at work, but geez I already feel like I deserve a nice few days off,” laughed the comfortably day tips local man. 

“Just spanked the boys around the backyard there too which is nice,” said the man retiring to the pool for a recharge around the girls, most of whom have no interest in standing around in the sun trying to wind each other up over a game of cricket. 

“On drive’s are coming off real nice too actually.” 

“Hardest shot to get off the mark with.”

“Did you know?”

Our reporter nodded and asked why he wasn’t having a beer. 

“Oh,” he laughs. 

“Virgin Dark and Stormy,” he explains, raising his Bundaberg Ginger Beer up to our pool fence side reporter. 

“Nah, just breaking things up a bit. Supporting a good home grown Queensland business and pacing myself.”

“Plenty of time on the clock.”

“Fuck, how good.”

“Actually that saying loaded now isn’t it.”

“I wish the Prime Minister didn’t ruin that phrase for the rest of us.” 

“Anyway, back to it,” he says, deliberately falling off the pool toy and causing enough of a splash to annoy a couple of innocent bystanders before strolling off to abuse his mate’s still playing cricket. 


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