An automatic bold to the first word in iphone notes has given an unexpected touch of theatrics to an otherwise mundane grocery list, it’s reported.

It’s alleged the phone’s owner, Daniel Gordon, was surprised by the automatic header, having just switched from android to iphone – a decision made not because an iphone was better but because no one ever had a Samsung charger. Emblazoning the word ‘EGGS’ in thick, blocky text, Daniel’s grocery list now gives the illusion that it’s a lot more important than it really is. That, or serving as an ominous foreshadowing to some horrible eggy related incident.

Likening the bold text as ‘annoying but not not annoying enough to do anything about it’, Daniel mindlessly scrolls through the rest of his aggressively loud notes and marvels at some of his hilarious 3am thoughts.

More to come.


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