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Korin Petersen is the type of young go-getter that grabs the bull’s horns with both hands, slides his legs around its neck and takes the ride.

Which he why today, of all days, the 3D modder feels like taking it back to where it all started.

Two-milligram cigarettes – and he’s sure as shit not about to buy a pack.

Which is why he’s enlisted the help of a co-worker, who joined him at a French Quarter cafe to find a cure their three-thirty-itis.

“Hey bruv,” he said, in a faux Manchester accent.

“Mind if I borrow one of dem [sic] acoustic cigarettes from your person, like?”

His colleagued obliged and even offered the use of his lighter, despite there being a ‘nationwide gas shortage’.

“That’s the shit, innit? Haven’t had an organic vape like this for weeks, man.”

“Just what I needed, man.”

However, Doug Sampson, who joined Korin at the cafe, was still trying to process what had just happened.

He asked Korin what he meant by the term.

“I call my vape a digital durry, like. And I call those organic ones acoustic cigarettes because they’re not electric.”

“Right,” said Doug.

“I think we should start walking back now, the boss is probably wondering where we are.”

More to come.


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