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US President Donald Trump has told reporters that should tensions with North Korea escalate to all-out war against, it won’t be like the last time the superpower went up against an army of ‘disorganised peasant farmers’ on the Asian continent.

“There will be a great victory,” said the President.

“North Korea’s army is a rabble consisting of conscripts and peasant farmers. We will take them out swiftly and strategically,”

“There will be no mercy.”

However, countless military observers and analysts have expressed their concerns over the President’s comments, explaining to The Advocate that an armed incursion into North Korea would result in yet another military quagmire for the United States.

Taking time out of his busy afternoon, a former army reservist and local military expert Fred Grange said that casualties on both sides would be ‘horrendous’ and the conflict would result in ‘stalemate.’

“If war breaks out between the United States and North Korea, then I expect it to be bad,” he said.

“You’ve got nukes in play and millions of people on both sides who are probably going to die. I see no good in a conflict between the two nations. But as for my predictions, it is in my professional opinion as a former army reservist that it’ll be a short, savage conflict,”

“Followed by a ceasefire agreement and a demilitarised zone between the North and South Korea. Basically what you have now, except there will be lots of dead people and nuclear fallout to deal with. However, neither side will concede defeat, like in Vietnam.”

Mr Grange then trailed off before passing out in his seat. Our reporter put a rug over him and let himself out.

More to come.


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