As Australian cities continue to self-alienate in order to form the semblance of some identity anthropologists are noticing how similar we still are.

Most notably, anthropologists have noted the similarities between NSW towns of Bondi and Byron Bay, that although separated between 750kms of roads have more in common than just the British backpackers that choose to overstay their visas there.

One of the major similarities the two destinations share is the ability they have to use their name as a sales tactic to make normal food sound trendier.

“Not only does it make it trendier but more expensive too,” said food research scientist Deborah Mason PhD.

“Normally a tub of kimchi is $5 but call it Byron Bay Kimchi and it now costs $22.’”

Mason also underlined how adding the name of one of these seaside ‘locals-only’ towns to a food product did more than increase the price and prestige on the product.

“Normal rice pudding is a dessert. Bondi Rice Pudding is an Instagramable breakfast with something known as ‘healing properties.’”


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