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An exhausted Natalie Hawker (28) has flopped down on the couch in her new living room this evening after an extremely strenuous and busy day of watching her boyfriend and his mates move her furniture for 9-hours straight.

Speaking to The Advocate after she’d had some time to ‘just put her feet up,’ you know, she explained how she hopes the lease in this place is longer than 12-months because moving is so hard.

“Omg [sic] I am so looking forward to bed tonight”

“Oh nooooo [sic] my bed isn’t made. It never ends.”

“I never want to move again, it’s such a hassle.”

“I don’t even have that much stuff, but it just seemed to take forever.”

While Natalie reenergized on the couch, our reporter interviewed her boyfriend who was out the front of her apartment were still unpacking the final boxes from his friend’s ute.

“This is the third time this has happened”

“Fuck, she carries on. She hasn’t lifted a thing all day.”

“I’ll get her back but, Davo’s thrown the idea of a session at the Betoota Arms so I reckon I’ll go tie one on – little reward, you know?”

A job that usually costs upwards of $300 an hour, Natalie managed to get away with the 9-hour job costing just a case of cold VB.

Even by case-of-beer-currency, that’s pretty cheap.

More to come.


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