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If you think Tarantino is a good director, then you’re an uneducated fuckhead, according to Bethany Montgomery – a self-proclaimed movie expert who’s just gone into beast mode while trying to explain to her colleague why Tarantino sucks. 

“There’s just nothing cerebral about any of his movies” 

“No decent plots, no twists, they’re just b-grade scripts with some classic film techniques!” said the twenty-something philosophy major. 

“Look, Pulp Fiction was OK. But everything since then has just been so bland and empty” Bethany ranted to her colleague who was looking over Bethany’s shoulder for a reason to leave the conversation. 

It’s believed the catalyst for Bethany’s rant was being left out of a group excursion to see Tarantino’s latest movie ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’, which has already earned about 80 million USD at the box office. 

Quentin Tarantino is a multi-award-winning writer and director whose films are often characterised by nonlinear storylines, satirical subject matter, an aestheticisation of violence, extended dialogue scenes and references to popular culture.

These awards and acclaim are seemingly not enough to impress Bethany, her rant getting heated enough for her to start sweating.

All this while Bethany’s colleague has been stunned into stillness by the anti-Tarantino-tirade.

More to come.


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