In a recent survey conducted by BRW, it was revealed that the Nissan R33 Skyline GTS-T has been voted as Australia’s favourite thing from Asia.

The respondents, who range from single mothers in Brisbane’s Northern Suburbs, to mid-level crystal methamphetamine dealers from regional Victoria, were able to give the Business Review Weekly researchers a clear insight into why the R33 Skyline is so popular in Australia.

“Well, they are one of the lowest cars – even when they are stock,” says Dane (40) from Shepparton, who pointed out that the Nissan Skyline is the ultimate in car showmanship.

“If you can get one without any mods, it’s really good because you don’t really need to lower ’em. Any lower and they’d be illegal… Not that that’s a bad thing [laughter]”

Another respondent, recently engaged Gold Coast mother-of-three, Ashanti (19), says that the Nissan R33 Skyline has been her favourite car for years.

“When I first fell pregnant, I was going out with this guy who drove a lime green R33 with black rims. It was the hottest fucking thing on the Goldie,”

“Anyway, he got pinched with a couple of tools and some gear and ended up in the pen… It was mine after that,”

“In fact, every bloke I’ve been with since drive R33s too. All my kids can boast that their dads drive them,”

When questioned about their favourite features, a resounding 75% of all the 20,000 Australians that were surveyed stated this particular model of Nissan Skyline was their choice of car because it was a “sleeper” (a vehicle capable of a much faster speeds than authorities would presume) – and that it was “probably the best ride for fanging away from the coppers”.

20% of all respondents stated their favourite feature was the boot compartment which is able to transport roughly 23 kilograms of uncut Crystal Methamphetamine, or ‘Ice’ between regional centres and outskirt suburbs of capital cities.

50% of the respondents also claimed that they had no idea Nissan was an Asian brand, and were previously certain it was a product of Australia’s auto industry.




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