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Betoota Neil Young fan Lauren Moore is handling the exodus of the folk icon’s discography from streaming app Spotify pretty well, as she’s always said the vinyls are way better anyway.

In an open letter to Spotify, the Canadian-American singer-songwriter asked that Spotify remove his music from their catalog due to his concern that the audio streaming service is promoting an anti-vax rhetoric by being the exclusive home to popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. 

Popular amongst young single men with a fuck tonne of time on their hands, The Joe Rogan Experience is hosted by the eponymous former Fear Factor host himself, whose months long conversations and dope smoking sessions with the real people from political compass memes made him the number one most listened to podcast in the world.

In 2020, Spotify paid a reported $100 million USD to be the exclusive streaming service for The Joe Rogan Experience, not anticipating that one of the most listened to people in the world might become a controversial figure sooner or later.

Although Rogan has previously recommended his audience kill a few brain cells with some N, N-Dimethyltryptamine, vax misinformation now seems to be his preferred method for dumbing down his listeners as he continues to question world health advice on spicey cough jabs and say things like “wearing masks is for pussies.”

As one of the first people to have his life saved by a polio vax, Spotify granted Neil Young’s request to be removed from their service, signing him his last royalties cheque which should be enough for him to buy a bowl of chips.

While some Neil Young casuals are disappointed that Harvest Moon is no longer on their ‘70s Chill playlist, hardcore ‘Youngens’ (or Neilers in some regions) such as Moore, have been prepared for years with their extensive collection of Neil Young vinyls that shit on the digital stuff anyway.

“If you haven’t listened to After The Gold Rush without having to flip it halfway through, you haven’t really listened to it,” stated Moore, as she rearranged her vinyl collection into reverse alphabetical order so Young would get top billing.

“I wish I was as punk as him at 76.”

“Besides, there’s never been a harmonica solo more annoying than what comes out of Joe Rogan’s mouth every day.”

More to come.


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