7 April, 2016. 10:30


Australia’s festival and touring industry is today rife with speculation that the summer dance festival known as Stereosonic has been shut down after a string of drug related incidents at the events in recent years.

The two companies behind the electronic music festival, Totem Onelove and SFX Entertainment, have not confirmed its cancellation or commented on the rumours – but it has been assumed by most Stereosonic loyalists that all of this winter bulking will be for nothing.

Stereosonic was an annual festival held in five cities across Australia each November and December since 2008, however with the drug-related deaths of two partygoers last year, the EDM stalwart looks like its not coming back from this come down.

In an emotional nationwide tribute, members of Australia’s ‘Bruss’ community have decided to wear black armbands in tribute to the doof institution.

“It brought an tear to my eye when I heard the news,” says local steroid user, Blayne Gilbet (24) from Newcastle.

“It might have been all the gear fucking with my head again, but I honestly felt something today,”

Another ‘aesthetic enthusiast’ by the name of Tyrone Kingi (29) from the Gold Coast says he is “so fucking off it” that he has no where to debut the rig this November.

“I’ve got a new sleeve and everything. For fuck’s sake can’t they just put up pill testing kits so these kids aren’t chewing rat bait,”

Shared over social media under the hashtag #PutOutYourGuns – the nation’s steroid users and male grooming enthusiasts have notched over 250,000 photos of shirtless young men wearing black arm bands in over four hours.

“Thats nothing” says Tyrone.

“We’d usually post these photos of ourselves anyway – its just good that we can use such a sick hashtag”

“Fuck I’m gonna miss Stereo, brah”


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