A local Christmas has gone so well one local nan honestly wouldn’t mind if it was her last one after observing the strong bond between her grandsons on full display.

Coming from a time where Christmas meant it was time for your yearly roast chicken, Betoota nana Millie Jortovic (80) absolutely loves the festive season so all her grandchildren’s cheeks can be together in one pinchable place.

“They’re very clever boys,” smiled the lovely woman who insisted on hugging every member of the reporting team as we entered her living room.

“The one with the groovy facial hair, that’s Joshua, he’s the head guard of the whole east wing of Lakewater Penitentiary and his cousin Mitch, he makes apps and things like that, I’m not quite sure what his title is but he helps me with my TV, he studied computers at Tafe University afterall.”

After clarifying a few inaccuracies in their dear grandma’s praise, Mitch and Josh made the odd call to go outside and straight up start feeding each other juicy hits from the bucket bong they brought as part of their Christmas traditions.

Having long ago lost the magic in Christmas as they became adults, Mitch and Josh eventually learnt the joys of getting festively shitfaced, something that their grandma is actually pretty stoked to see.

“They built that themselves you know!”

“When I first came to this country, I never did imagine life would be quite like this. My beautiful grandsons all getting along, drinking together from their own invention.”

“Do you know something boys? I’m the luckiest woman alive.”

Our reporting team was then forced to take a plate and join Jortovic and her family for second lunch and were not allowed to leave until all the prawns were finished.


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