The sands of time have done their traditional dusting today as a local man developed a weird click in his knee literally three seconds after turning 30.

Previously one to make jokes about the perils of ageing, golf course grass inspector Cody Chookley (30) decided he was up for a big one and invited his mates out on the night before his birthday for a proper belter.

Unfortunately for Chookley, while walking to the kebab store with his friends, the clock struck midnight and precisely three seconds later Chookley could feel this weird clicking sensation in his left knee.

“Oooh, ooh, oh, what the hell is this?” asked Chookley, his 20s officially done for the rest of his average life.

“I can feel something in my knee. I-I think, I think I can…hear it?”

“Wft body?”

Upon asking his mates if they’d ever experienced anything like this, his friends took turns pretending to offer him a variety of walking aides before singing a rousing rendition of Landslide by Fleetwood Mac.

“Alright guys, I get it, I’m an old fuck, hardy ha. But seriously, do keep it down, we have neighbours we need to consider.”


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