A local Chinese restaurant has flaunted some muso chops by casually dropping a rare Maroon 5 acoustic cut right in the middle of service.

Responsible for representing several diverse cultures and cuisines in the monocultural Betoota Heights community, the Golden Tallis is known for providing what a now cancelled food critic once called ‘an absolute oriental feast’ alongside an underrated portion of fish and chips.

Additionally, the Golden Tallis is known for an eclectic playlist which ranges from classic Disney songs performed on harps and reggae Adele covers.

Most recently, music lovers enjoying a plate of prawn toast were treated to a rare acoustic version of She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 while staff continued service as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

“Where did they dig this up from?” asked one music lover, letting his Mongolian Lamb go cold.

“Valentine’s strumming, he’s really brought out the tenderness in Levine’s voice. I always thought he was underrated as a guitarist but wow. They need to bring back MTV Unplugged.”

The muso then realised an intern in our reporting team had recorded everything he just said and asked to remain anonymous as he believes he has a bit of a reputation as a muso in this town.


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