A local nan has decided to scrape every last drop of tomato sauce out of the bottle, despite there only being enough to cover one chip.

It’s reported her grandson Tyler had tried to throw the sauce away and replace it with one of the backup bottles he found nestled in between cartons of long-life milk, when a vice-like grip had come out of nowhere to stop him.

When he’d make the mistake of pleading his case – which he often had to do when Rose insisted on keeping items well past their use-by date – he’d been immediately challenged with a steely glare and a sharp tongue as his nan insisted on getting her $2’s worth.

Using a long-handled butter knife to scrape out a chunk of stale tomato sauce, Rose was able to remove some of it but had some difficulty with the last few droplets caught in the corner.

Much to her grandson’s horror, Rose quickly found a solution for dislodging the stubborn sauce by filling the bottle with water from the kitchen tap – which was arguably an even worse version of the tomato sauce precum you get when you fail to shake a bottle properly.

More to come.


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