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A young mum has today had to make a decision many families across the nation have had to make, by deciding if working full time is worth it.

Though Zoe Harper makes an average salary of $55,000 a year with her job in digital marketing, she and her husband have had to forfeit quite a chunk of their yearly income on childcare costs, which averages $600 a week for two children after subsidies. And seeing as her husband had managed to land a rather cushy and reasonably well paying job in human resources, the decision to work or look after the kids has unfortunately fallen to her. 

Speaking to The Advocate about her predicament, Zoe says she enjoys working full time but that she’s not sure if it’s worth it.

“After tax, Hecs and various bills, I’m probably bringing in around $700”, explains Zoe, “so it almost seems like a waste of time, considering it works out to be $100 a week.”

“Or $2 an hour haha.”

“But then again, we really, really need that extra money.”

Adding that sending her two children to childcare equates to roughly the same amount you’d spend on private school fees, Zoe wonders how the fuck childcare is so expensive, seeing as childcare workers make minimum wage.

“I really thought we’d be okay, but I suppose I was a little naive”, admits Zoe, “rent is through the fucking roof, my husband is spending roughly $100 a week on petrol alone. We can barely stay afloat.”

“My parents were able to raise me and my brother on one parent’s salary, and I don’t remember us struggling much.”

“I’ll likely be making a bit more in a few years as I gain experience, but by then the kids won’t require childcare as much.”

“I don’t know, it’s all pretty disheartening. Feels like such a cliche too, but unfortunately it’s my reality.”

More to come.


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