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A mother in law has truly outdone herself this week by going out of her way to put a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, on a very special day.

It’s alleged Sharnee Keaton [56] had been preparing for her son’s wedding the past few weeks, making a nuisance of herself by butting in at every given opportunity and offering her two cents on everything from the venue, the cake, the controversial ‘no children’ rule they’d invoked, and some snide remarks about the bride’s weight. The latter she made sure to only say to a few key family members and not within earshot of her son.

As her son was the only boy she had, Sharnee had developed a somewhat unhealthy obsession with him, where she deemed no women good enough to date him. And as his fiance dared to have *gasp* a couple of tattoos, Sharnee was sure she was a harpy woman from hell who was sure to cause nothing but trouble for her beloved boy. That is until she falls pregnant, and Sharnee can turn her controlling nature onto shaping the grandchildren into versions of herself.

So when it came to the wedding day, Sharnee just couldn’t help herself from stealing the limelight, which she did by sporting a gown that looked suspiciously close to a wedding dress. But if anyone asks, it’s CREAM not white.

“Oh no I would never wear white, not on Steph’s special day”, says Sharnee, practically beaming, “it just looks brighter because I’m in the sun.”

“It’s a very light shade of cream called ‘soft buttermilk.”

Sharnee was later seen getting inappropriately hammered early that night, prompting her son to briefly leave his bride to put his mother to bed.

More to come.


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