Mum doesn’t often treat herself to offloading domestic duties. Sometimes dad picks up the slack, sometimes one of the kids does, but mostly she wears it all herself.

In fact, she often isn’t content in watching anyone else do it and will often take control.

However, once a month the folks treat themselves to a house cleaner.

This is when mum goes in to hyperdrive – that’s when it’s all hands on deck.

“The cleaner will be here any minute” she shouts.

“Can you please make sure everything is neat in the TV room?”

According to a new study by the University Of Western Queensland, The uncontrollable urge to begin cleaning the house before opening the doors to someone who is actually being paid to clean the house, also known as micromanagosis is one of the fastest growing mental illnesses in Australia.

Most common with men and women who pride themselves on their domestic prowess, and would hate anyone, including people they are paying to clean household mess, to think that they are messy.

“Any minute now!” she shouts.

“Can you move the chairs away from the dining table?”

“I just want to do a quick vacuum before Helen gets here”

“How’s your bedroom looking? Did you dust off the blinds?”



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