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As the ongoing violence in Gaza continues, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has finally weighed in.

“In some countries, these demonstrations are met with bullets,” stated the PM, perhaps not grabbing the gravity of the conflict that has killed 62 so far.

“We can all agree it was a good thing I acknowledged Tel Aviv as the capital when I did, otherwise the situation could be…even more off the rails.”

“We do our fighting over the internet, not in Tel Aviv which I nearly made the capital before deciding to leave it up to God or whatever I said.” 

It is worth noting, that several US Capitol-style raids have taken place in holy sites such as the Al-Aqsa Mosque but they have not been as memed due to the tragic violence, police brutality, and lack of iconic outfits. 

According to Mr. Morrison however, the intergenerational hatred would be much simpler if they relocated the conflict to his own electorate. 

“In Australia Muslims and Jewish people can be friends. Aussies and Muslims were the real biffers and that was aaages ago!”


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