15 August, 2016. 10:30

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Former Olympic gold-medalist swimmer, Michael Klim’s new fragrance “KLIM” has been praised by the Australian men’s skincare and beauty industry for it’s ‘honest, bold and masculine’ smell.

Mens Health Magazine have given “KLIM” a 9/10 review, as leading health and beauty editor, Bert (56), says the new scent makes you feel like you are actually Michael Klim.

“The twenty years that Michael Klim spent in a swimming pool comes through with a strong, defining smell of industry-standard chlorine” he wrote.

“It makes you feel like you are at the Chandler Sports Complex in East Brisbane, or the Ian Thorpe Aquatics Centre in Ultimo”.

“Klim’s illustrious career in competitive swimming has been captured in this new fragrance, as well as his the man’s strong connection with Bali”.

With several half-Balinese children of his own, a Balinese princess for an ex-wife, and now a new partner who’s fashion (SWF) label is based in the Indonesian island – KLIM also includes an iconic South-East Asian twist to its scent.

“The Balinese clove cigarettes are world renowned as a smell you would associate with Bali” said close friend of Michael Klim, Geoff Huegill in a recent interview with Sydney Confidential.

“A fusion of chlorine and cheap darts from Indo’ is basically what he was going for I think, and he’s nailed it.”

“When I put that stuff on I feel like a cashed-up Olympic swimmer who spends a heap of time in South East Asia. Which is what I essentially am.”

KLIM is available at a Chemist’s Warehouse near you


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