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“Get down here, now!”

That’s the message that’s just been sent out to 10-15 select men and women in the greater Melbourne area this evening.

The SOS has been sounded by an outer Brunswick man who has told a few different mates to get down to the pot parlour as a matter of urgency.

“We all know how this shit goes. Few beers and a pub feed is on for tonight, just in case,” said the Coburg resident named Roy Fitz.

“You’d hate to go into lockdown tomorrow night and have left something out on the paddock,” continued Roy already making the most of a Monday night happy hour with another likeminded friend.

His comments come as Northern Melbourne faces a fresh new outbreak, with authorities investigating the missing link that may have caused it.

All four of the cases are related with experts fearing the city could be headed towards another lockdown if things aren’t contained quickly.

“$12 dollar burgers too,” said Roy, who almost seems to be relishing in the situation.

“It’ll be like the good old days”


It’s believed at least a couple more mates are ready to pack up at work and join Roy, with a few more set to jump on board when FOMO sets in.

More to come.


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