Sydney Roosters enforcer, Victor ‘The Inflictor’ Radley has felt the full force of the NRL referees over the weekend, following the crackdown on high shots.

Scum Valley’s Finest was sin binned twice in the opening 42 minutes of the Rooster’s surprising loss to the incumbent wooden spooners at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Saturday night.

At the 12 minute mark, Radley was carded for billing Broncos five-eighth Albert Kelly, in what would have been a perfectly legal shot at the start of the season. The hit was initially cleared on the field by the ref but eventually it got upgraded to a yellow after the bunker intervened.

Back on the paddock in the second half, Radley got sent again in the opening minutes for doing the same damn thing to Broncos backrower Tevita Pangai Junior.

He was sent again, before coming back on in the final 20 minutes, only to get shotted himself by Matt Lodge – who got sent himself.

However, it’s not just the two send-offs that Radley has to worry about – after being put on on report for the third and fourth times for a couple other hairy shots – the last of which left an opposing player completely decapitated.

“Awww youse are kidding!!!” shouted The Inflictor, as the referee crossed his fists like DMX, indicating that Radley was now up for four charges at the judiciary this Wednesday.

Fans began to groan as it became clear the damage that Radley’s flying lats had inflicted upon his Broncos opponent, an NRL debutant and the only son of a single mother from the outskirts of Brisbane.

The headless corpse seized as blood and organs spluttered blood out of the exposed chest cavity.

“THERE WAS NUTHIN IN IT!!!” shouted Victor, while carrying the deceased’s severed head by the hair, as the lifeless eyes rolled back into the skull.

Even the referee Peter Gough began to gag, as he became overwhelmed by the blood and gore.

“Victor, you’re on report mate” he managed to wheeze out.

Radley, fed up at this stage, let Gough and V’landys have it.

“GAME’S GONE SOFT!!!” he roared, as he began trotting to the sin bin.

A furious Victor proceeded to toe punt the detached Bronco’s cranium into a crowd of cheering Chookies fans.


“I HOPE YOUSE ARE HAPPY” he yelled at the sideline paramedics, as he kept jogging.

At time of press, several Sydney Roosters fans were before the courts at the Downing Centre – where they were charged under the Criminal Code for misconduct with respect to corpses at section 81C – after they were filmed eating the brains of the deceased Broncos by one of Kayo’s sideline cameramen in the stands.


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