2 May, 2017. 13:23

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Singer-songwriter Matt Corby arrived safely in Bali this afternoon after a mid-morning flight out of Sydney – but only after having a fine-tooth-comb dragged over him at customs, leaving him confused but relieved.

Speaking to The Advocate just moments ago via Skype, the 26-year-old musician didn’t know why the Indonesian customs targeted him and his boogie board bag so intently.

“Yeah, brus. Bit weird, aye?” said Corby.

“They full-on pulled everything out and put the dogs over it and everything. It was so wild, bro. Kinda fucked up in a way. I don’t even drugs, man. But yeah, nah. They didn’t find anything so it’s all sweet. Looking forward to a bit of a relaxa [sic] [laughs] See ya! [laughs]”

However, the Indonesia Department of Foreign Affairs shed some light on the strange situation.

Kadek Numan, CEO of Denpasar Airport Pty Ltd, explained that Mr Corby fulfilled two key criteria when he arrived in Bali, prompting a full check of his luggage and person.

“Corby and boogie board bag,” said Pak Numan.

“As if we wouldn’t be taking a closer look at that.”

More to come.


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