3 May, 2017. 12:23

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

A hip youth living in Betoota’s trendy Old City district took time out of his busy morning to drop into the offices of The Advocate to explain just how happy he is with the direction US singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco has taken with his new LP.

Though none of our staff asked him, Liam Pernache, 19, spend close to an hour leaning over the reception counter on the ground floor talking to anybody who’d listen about This Old Dog, Mac’s upcoming release.

“I just feel he’s finally being honest with himself,” said the former Gracefields College student.

“Which is a great thing, now that he’s tasted success by having a seriously mainstream sound. I think he’s gone back to his Canadian roots with this one. The hints of Joni Mitchell and Neil Young in his new songwriting direction are a serious tip-off. I’m just really digging the vibe, man.”

Mr Pernache said he’s looking forward to buying the LP on vinyl, despite not having a record player.

He’s also working on his moustache in anticipation for this year’s Falls Festival in December.

More to come.


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