13 October, 2016. 10:03

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

A WEST END MAN has had his life support switched off this morning after he was trampled to death outside Roma Street station by thousands of commuters around 7:30am local time.

Police understand that 32-year-old Wayne Connor suffered from a lack of spatial awareness, which can often lead to personal injury – or in extreme cases, death.

While most with the disease are receive a swift punch in the back of the head when suffering from a spatial awareness attack, others are simply pushed to the ground and trampled such as the case this morning.

“We observed the 32-year-old male stop in his tracks right outside the main entrance to the station adjacent to the small bottleshop on Roma Street,” explained a Queensland Police spokesman.

“Mr Connor stopped to look at something on his phone, which blocked the path of many. Tragically, he was quickly pushed to the ground by a fellow traveller, then slowly walked on until he went into cardiac arrest,”

“No charges have been laid as of yet, but police are continuing with their enquires.” he said.

The death of Mr Connor brings the national zero spatial awareness death toll to 37, which is a figure up close to 25% on this time last year.

The advent of smartphones has been blamed for the spike, as many are distracted and absorbed by their devices, when they should really have some consideration for other people and move out of the way first.



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