Local winger, Lachlan Blunt (27), has arrived fashionably late to the pre-match warm up, ahead of today’s trial match against Windorah.

The rugby league pretty boy, who claims to alternate between the wing and fullback, was fully dressed in Italian designer clothing when he appeared on the sideline of the Dolphins training oval #1.

“What’re you fucking doing?” roared the coach, Jack Pearson (72)

“Kick off is in twenty minutes you little fuck!”

Lachlan responds to the hostility with cheek.

“Sorry I’m late fellas. Was just getting a trim,” he says to his overweight team mates.

“Gotta look good out there”

“You’re in need of a bit of a haircut, Roddy. I’ll introduce you to my hairdresser Rafael if you want,” blatantly pointing our that the tighthead prop is balding.

“Fuck off and get changed you little punce” says Roddy.

With a few of the local girls standing near the change rooms, Lachlan decides to dramatically jog through his own team’s warm up towards them, in his semi-formal pre-match attire, which includes emu skin RM Williams dress boots and linen trousers.

“I’ll meet you at the tunnel, before we run on,” he says.

“Fire up boys”



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