Local leftie, Leo Schuster (27) says he has been very aware of Australia’s cultural cringe since his first year of tertiary education at a prestigious sandstone University.

Six years later, the recent-graduate says nothing has changed since he bid his bogan Australian-Idol-watching parents farewell and made tracks for the bohemian inner-city.

“Oh it’s the same shit. Beer, footy, cricket! Mate!” he says, while briefly taking a step back from the cafe table to figure out the best angle for an imminent Instragram post.

“Australians are so culturally deficit. It’s like, unless there’s some form of community and camaraderie – they don’t want to know about it”

Despite the fact he is currently wearing a Collingwood magpies scarf, and is unable to name one of the 2016 Archibald finalists, Leo insists places like Sweden and New York have a lot more to be proud of.

“It’s like, all Australians do is get drunk and sing a long to working class rock music and yell at televisions” he say, as he climbs off the cafe chair he just stood on to take a photograph of his flat white.

“I mean, I like Courtney Barnett. But she’s different. She’s a lesbian”

“Maybe some of us actually like doing normal things. Like being social and not staring at screens”

“What filter should I use?”






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