24 May, 2017. 15:23

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A throaty chorus of eight cylinder motors rang out across West Betoota this morning as news of controversial Sudanese-Australian media personality Yassmin Abdel-Magied having her ABC television show cancelled filtered through town.

A month after attracting criticism for a tasteless ANZAC Day social media post, the ABC announced earlier this week that Australia Wide, a show presented by the 26-year-old, would not be renewed.

“It’s got nothing to do with that, you know, what happened earlier about ANZAC Day,” said one senior ABC executive.

“More or less, it’s about having our funding slashed. It’s also got nothing to do with the far-right lobby expressing their interest in planting explosives in our studios at the Ultimo Kremlin. We wish Ms Abdel-Magied the best in her future endeavours.”

That news was met with unbridled joy by many living on West Betoota’s exclusive Barrythorne Circuit, one of the wealthiest streets in the Diamantina Shire.

Lewis Pikeman, owner of the largest motorbike parts shop in the greater Betoota area, woke to the news this morning.

“Firs thing I did was grab the keys off the counter and head out onto the front lawn, where ‘the beast’ was parked,” he said.

“I didn’t even warm the cunt up. I just turned her over and put me foot to the floor, mate. Then all of a sudden, some of me neighbours did the same,”

“Oi, but serves her right, aye? Fuckin uce, bra.”

More to come.


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