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ONE NATION SENATOR MALCOLM Roberts has lashed out at NASA this morning, asking that they stop forcing ‘inappropriate’ and ‘pro-immigration’ moon phases upon the people of Australia.

Mr Roberts is spearheading the campaign to outlaw the controversial crescent moon phase, as he feels that it’s not an Australian moon and the population shouldn’t be forced to endure it.

“This is just another example of the Islamification of Australia,” he said. “First it was Halal, then it was the Islamic schools. Now it’s our moon.”

While the 61-year-old concedes that the crescent moon phase has been a part of the planet’s celestial geography for millions of years, he explains that it’s only recently become an issue because of how the Muslim world has adopted it as a symbol of hate.

Earlier this week, Roberts penned a letter to NASA that asked them to stop the crescent moon from appearing over Australia – also calling for a Royal Commission into the prevalence of it in our night time skies.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has yet to respond to the Senator’s letter, but they did, however, acknowledge that they’d received his list of demands.

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  1. The scary thing is your stories make as much sense as the “real” news in Australia. It wouldn’t be beyond expectations that a royal commission is called into the cresent moon. What to do?

  2. Very funny. Obviously you find Senator Roberts a threat to the leftist rhetoric. Remember, he is the new kid on the block and is already the star performer in the Senate. Hope the Greenies have lots of brown knickers-they are going to need them. I fully expect the Greens to be constantly crapping themselves over being exposed as frauds by Senator Roberts. They will need 2 pairs of organic plastic pants to prevent the crap from leaking out for all to see and smell .

  3. Why is it that all One Nation supporters, without exception, construct sentences at a 3rd grade level. Kind of says a lot about the calibre of intellect we’re dealing with here.

  4. This Robbo bloke is a breath of fresh air. An exceptional representation of the bogañ intelligensa. Its glory days all round with Robbo

  5. Robbo is as mad as a clown’s cock. I’m surprised he hasn’t suggested there is a conspiracy surrounding the fact that we see only one side of the moon.


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