A local couple who’s relationship has reached the point where simply remaining together should be enough of a big deal, are both pretending they (1) care about the American tradition of Valentine’s Day, and (2) knew that it is was on tomorrow.

While the two of them are both reminded by a text message from a close mutual, Hayley and Johnny both suppress to avoid the ‘ohhh yeah’ noise from actually coming out of their mouths.

“Have you got anything planned for us?” Hayley asks Johnny, begging him to reveal that he had no idea about this piece of shit ‘lovers holiday’ creating by the American Hallmark card company.

“Haha” he says.

“Just you wait and see”

However, while realising that there is just a big of chance that Hayley has forgotten, Johnny throws the same question back.

“What about you… Got me a present organised?. I bet you don’t. haha” he asks.

Hayley responds quickly, treading water.

“As if. I’ve known about this for weeks”

At time of press both Hayley and Johnny were text messaging other friends in relationships asking if there was a possibility that they could all do a combined thing so to take light off the lack of preparation.


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