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Following in the footsteps of Bill Clinton, the under-siege Deputy Prime Minister will play the saxophone on The Project tonight in an effort to repair his tattered image.

The news was confirmed this afternoon by Barnaby Joyce’s office within Parliament House.

Question Time today was difficult for Mr Joyce and Malcolm Turnbull as they both faced a slew of lewd innuendo and snide remarks from their political opponents.

However, the Member for New England is looking toward the horizon.

In a short statement a moment ago, the former senator said he plans to weather the storm and showcase some of his other talents he can offer his constituents.

“I’m going on The Project tonight and I’m bringing a saxophone with me,” he wrote.

“Never in my life have I ever played the saxophone. I haven’t even picked one up before. But let it be known, I will play that saxophone until you see me for who I truly am. If It worked for Bill Clinton, it’ll work for Old Barn.”

Producers from the popular youth-orientated variety show have defended themselves against criticism, even going to the point of threatening to unleash the network’s on-retainer Gerard Malouf & Partners solicitor on anybody who’s game to take them on.

“Barnaby rang us this afternoon and asked if he could come on the show and play the saxophone,” said one producer.

“Naturally we said yes. He even asked for a little stand to put his sheet music on. Then he rambled on a bit about being a Phoneix rising from the pyres of hell,”

“Apparently he’s never played an instrument before so we’re looking forward to seeing what’s going to go down.”

More to come.


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