What the fuck?

A South Betoota woman has just chosen to make a purchase with a cheque account, what’s the go there?

After making a pretty run of the mill purchase of a tank of fuel, bottle of milk and some choccies, Mia Bouris (32) nonchalantly told the cashier that she wouldn’t be using credit or savings today, but cheque.

“She just acted like that was a normal thing to do” said Kevin, a local bloke that was standing behind her in line.

“I didn’t think the cheque account was a legitimate option anymore – kind of like actual cheques”

“What the fuck”

This marks the first time that anyone in the store had actually seen this payment option enacted by a customer in any environment, and even the teenager behind the counter doesn’t know what it means, or where the money comes from.

Due to the shockwaves that ran through the servo due to Mia’s obscure payment option, witnesses say they weren’t able to get a good look at whether Mia was required to enter a pin or sign something – as they were looking at each other with confused expressions during the actual transaction.

The fact that it also means Mia can’t just PayPass her $70 transaction is also weird, she’s literally had to swipe her card like it’s 2006.




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