A local RSL manager is having one of those days that only get better with a steady playlist of electric guitars, bass, drums and heavily synthesized sample loops.

After a fight with his girlfriend before work this morning, Clayton Wakeson (32) has been playing non-stop Nu Metal in the office, while he goes over the books and counts the safe.

Nu metal (also known as nü-metal and aggro-metal) is a form of alternative metal that combines elements of heavy metal music with elements of other music genres such as hip hop, alternative rock, funk and grunge. Vocal styles in nu metal include singing, rapping, screaming and growling. Nu metal is one of the key genres of the new wave of American heavy metal.

The genre is popular with aggressive teenagers dealing with overprotective parents, as well as suburban adults who listened to the genre in the early 2000s.

His tense relationship with the boardmembers and kitchen staff aren’t helping

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate about his shit of day, Clayton says it all comes down to his girlfriends controlling nature.

“She can’t see that she’s smothering me, holding too tightly, afraid to lose control”

“‘Cause everything that she thought I would be has fallen apart right in front of her. And every second I waste is more than I can take.”

Clayton pauses, before tightening his studded belt.

“Yeah we aren’t in a good place” he says.

As Clayton puts it, he’s just caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow. But, after listening to the entire Hybrid Theory and some singles from Fort Minor – he’s feeling a little better.

“I’m feeling a bit better now. But, I just wanna say to the boss, ‘shut up when I’m talking to you!’.

“I’m pretty numb to it all now, to be honest”





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