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Martin Huntley was mildly impressed two months ago when his youngest proudly stated that he’d turned a lazy grand into twenty – taking just weeks, not years as one would expect on the share market.

He urged his son to sell before Christmas.

But Johnathon Huntley laughed and told his Dad that he had rocks in his aging head.

As the 26-year-old-full-time-stay-at-home-son lay on his father’s couch this morning watching Big Bash reruns, he couldn’t help but concede that perhaps his father was right for once.

“You know,” said Martin.

“You’d benefit from reading some of Warren Buffett’s books. Do you know who he is? I think his approach to investing and building wealth is something you should take on board,”

“Have you sold your Nintendo money yet? How much is it worth now?”

John, as he’s known to everybody except the police and school principal, sighed and refreshed his Blockfolio.

“About five, Dad,” he said.

Martin smugly chuckled into the Fin Review he was reading at the breakfast table.

“[laughs] You fucking idiot,”

“I hate to say I told you so but fast money comes just as fast as it can go.”

Our reporter, sensing the tension in the Huntley’s living room, tried to lighten the mood by asking young John if he expected anything to moon soon.

“I’ve put a bit of Etherium into some ICOs but I’m not expected much,” he said.

“Dad reckons everyone should just buy gold and weather the storm. The share markets around the world are all in freefall and analysts are saying we’re all going to burn in hell because there’s a Republican in the White House…”

“What’s so bad about that?” asked Martin.

John looked at our reporter and sighed.

He then let himself out.







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